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Emerging Leaders: A Training Course for Your Leadership Journey

  • Examine different leadership styles and evaluate your own
  • Analyze your communications
  • Identify thought distortions and how to reframe them
  • Explore the perception of “failure” and create tools that promote growth
  • Develop approaches to leading in areas you're not as familiar with
  • Discover effective methods of delegation and empowering your staff
  • Understand how trust is fostered in a team
  • Study the concept of followership, understand its role in leadership, and develop your own style


Whether you are a seasoned leader hoping to continue to grow your career, or you have recently stepped into your first leadership role, the mantle of leadership often weighs heavy, and understanding your leadership journey can be overwhelming.

This course gives you the knowledge and tools to develop the confidence you need to be a successful leader in higher education and beyond.


Registration & Pricing

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  • To register for the REV On-Demand Course, click here.

Course Format

The format for the REV: Emerging Leaders course includes:

  • 5 high-impact online learning modules
  • Hours of recorded lecture content
  • Recommended reading
  • Course workbook
  • Additional resources in the form of takeaways, tip sheets, and more
  • End-of-course quiz to assess learning outcome success
  • Certificate of completion for participants who pass the end-of-course quiz

Course SeCTions

These sections provide participants access to hours of online learning content. The content and curriculum were designed to supplement institutional-specific training about internal systems and procedures.

MODULE 1: Leadership 101

MODULE 2: Effective Communication

MODULE 3: Dealing with Doubt

MODULE 4: Leading Others

MODULE 5: Becoming the Leader