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Storytelling Meets Data: Optimizing Your Communication Flow to Increase Enrollment


2022 Session: October 3—November 11

  • Understanding the importance of a communication flow and best practices
  • Identifying target audiences and learning how segmentation, timing, and frequency of communications impact effectiveness
  • Learning how to measure current communication flow efficacy and determine best metrics to measure future success
  • Identifying key stakeholders to include in audit process
  • Establishing the multi-channel approach that works best for your institution and your target audiences
  • Understanding the value of personalization and print pieces
  • Exploring ways to weave mission, vision, and values throughout your communication flow
  • Learning how to use your communication flow to tell the school's story and represent your campus
  • Developing your institution's email brand and learning how to craft eye-catching subject lines
  • Creating a plan for maintaining and regularly updating the communication flow

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This course follows the journey of auditing, implementing, updating, and maintaining a communication flow. Every touchpoint in recruitment communication plays a role in a prospective student's decision. Learn how to improve and increase your communication flow's effectiveness through this course.

Registration & Pricing

  • Registration for this course is available through September 30, 2022 at this link.
  • Registration is per learner.
  • The registration cost is $1,250 per learner. (Client-partners, contact us for your special discount code.)
  • Institutions registering 3+ learners may receive special pricing: $2,799 for 3-10 learners per institution.
  • On the day prior to the start of the course, attendees will be set up in enrollmentFUEL’s online learning management system (LMS), Rise.
  • All attendees will receive a course workbook and syllabus with dates and information, including how to attend online live sessions, access session recordings, and log into the Rise 

Course Format

The format for "Storytelling Meets Data: Optimizing Your Communication Flow to Increase Enrollment" includes:

  • 17 hours of asynchronous video content, available in the Rise 
  • Course workbook and resources
  • 3 live Zoom sessions (Week 1: Kick-Off, Week 4: Mid-Course, and Week 6: Closing)
  • Certificate of completion


These sections provide participants access to approximately 3 hours of live and 17 hours of self-directed online learning content. The content and curriculum were designed to supplement institutional-specific training about internal systems and procedures, and augment entry-level association training.

WEEK 1: The Importance of Communication Flow (Part of this section is live via Zoom)

In week one, participants learn the importance of the communication flow as part of every institution’s recruitment strategy.

  • Section 1: Best Practices Review and Defining Communication Flow Audit, Teams, and Timelines (Live Session)
  • Section 2: Target Audiences and Segmentation
  • Section 3: Channels of Communication and Dissemination

WEEK 2: Diving into Your Audit

In week two, learners will explore project management tools that can aid the audit process, understand why it's important to review past data, and define process mapping and learn how it can support communication flow audits.

  • Section 4: Project Management Tools  
  • Section 5: Reviewing Past Data
  • Section 6: Process Mapping

WEEK 3: Timing, Frequency, and Themes of Your Communications

In week three, participants will discover the importance of defining a blended communication strategy and establishing the multi-channel approach that works best for your institution and target audiences.

  • Section 7: Timing and Frequency
  • Section 8: Eye-Catching Subject Lines
  • Section 9: Personalization

WEEK 4: Weaving Your Brand Throughout Your Communication Flow (Part of this session is live via Zoom)

In week four, REV students will learn to identify details, data, and stories that make their institution unique. They will gather the right information to create messaging that sells their university to the right individuals.  

  • Section 10: Your Value Proposition (Live Session) 
  • Section 11: Telling Your Story
  • Section 12: Representing Your Campus

WEEK 5: Ready, Set, and…Action!!

In week five, participants will make the move from theory into action by updating and testing communications for their target segment. They will also learn about key factors to consider when planning for and sending print materials.

  • Section 13: Updating Your Communications
  • Section 14: Printers: Volume & Envelopes

WEEK 6: Stay the Course (Part of this session is live via Zoom)

In week six, learners will tie everything together to send their messaging, plan for the next cycle, and start working on their next target segment. 

  • Section 15: Execution 
  • Section 16: Create Your Maintenance Schedule
  • Section 17: Starting Your Next Sequence (Live Session)