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Fortifying Your Front Line Strategy: Building A Successful Student Ambassador Program

  • Determine whether or not your ambassador program should be a paid position within your college or university
  • Learn ways to compensate ambassadors other than financial remuneration
  • Make your ambassador program one of the sought after “jobs” on campus
  • Develop subject area teams to assist with topics other than the campus tour
  • Hire, train, and motivate your ambassadors
  • Assess ambassador performance
  • Incorporate your ambassador program into the overall EXPERIENCE of the campus visit
  • Create an environment in which ambassadors enhance their collaborative, leadership, and service/volunteer-skills

Get ready to build a successful and sustainable student ambassador program!

In this course, you will learn how to hire, train, and motivate the best students to tell your institutional story. Course participants will also learn how to identify gaps in their existing Ambassador Program, assess issues that need to be resolved, and determine ways to minimize unforeseen future issues.

Registration & Pricing

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Course Format

The format for “Fortifying Your Front Line Strategy: A Training Course to Help You Build a Strong Student Ambassador Program” includes:

  • 5 high-impact online learning modules
  • Hours of recorded lecture content
  • Recommended reading
  • Course workbook
  • Additional resources in the form of takeaways, tip sheets, and more
  • End-of-course quiz to assess learning outcome success
  • Certificate of completion for participants who pass the end-of-course quiz