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Get more out of your professional development dollars with REV: FUEL Learning Series. Our online courses are developed and taught by enrollment management and industry experts, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to train your team. 

REV On-Demand

Interest in our REV course offerings has prompted enrollmentFUEL to embark on our next great endeavor as a Teaching-Learning Organization by offering our slate of courses to learners on-demand! 

Our online courses are developed and taught by enrollment management and industry experts, providing a convenient, cost-effective, and Strategic Enrollment Management focused way to train your team.

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enrollmentFUEL’s training was a great blend of historical context, current data, and practical applications. The exercises allowed us to identify pain points that our team experiences at the yield stage of the funnel. More importantly, the trainer helped us strategize the best ways to work through those challenges with students and families. It has made a difference already, just two weeks later.
Shannon Hutchison Caraveo
Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Point Loma University
The training provided a different way to consider admission work—the transformational approach rather than the transactional method. This training experience reminded us of the true meaning and value of the important work we do every day. In these often challenging roles, that sense of purpose is refreshing and reinvigorating. Our training was a great development opportunity, even for those who have been in the role for a few years
Rachel Schmidtke
Associate Vice President of Admission, Hanover College
Providing professional development opportunities for staff is a key responsibility for leaders. It’s great to know that enrollmentFUEL takes this need seriously by creating effective training programs that are also not cost-prohibitive. I found “The Admission Counselor’s Guide to Achieving Recruiting Goals” course to be so informative—even after 30 years in the arena, I learned so much from the course!
Dr. Brian Swords
Vice President, Southern Wesleyan University

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